Bridal veils, vintage inspired headpieces & other pretty things for weddings

Summer of 1801. An estate of the Brunswick family in my hometown Dolna Krupa, Slovakia. The Moonlight Sonata by a famous artist Beethoven was composed. It was published in 1802 and was dedicated to Beethoven’s pupil and passion, Countess Giulietta Gucciardi. My home town has its meaning in the history of music. I really enjoy these stories from past times, they are a great inspiration.

My name is Lucia. I create bridal headpieces and other wedding accessories. Many of my designs include vintage materials. It fascinates me how they all have a story to tell and a life on its own. My grand mother is a source of inspiration as well as a source of vintage materials which she keeps safe for decades. I love when she talks about the old days, not with nostalgia but with excitement, what our family went through. She talks about her mother traveling to New York City by a boat. How our family members moved from Vienna, Austria to my home town. She describes the war time. How they could not travel abroad because of a communism. How my grand father played in a marching band and they had a song practice in their kitchen... And so on.

Handmade products all have a story, both new and vintage pieces because there is someone who creates them just for you. I am very lucky to have my hobby as a job and it is all thanks to you. You support me and my family.


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